Making Healthy, Healthy!


Sometimes, (often times!) it’s far too easy to just take someones word for it. I pride myself on being a well-informed consumer. Which is probably my first mistake. Pride ALWAYS comes before the fall.

In my recent quest to simplify my life, get healthy, start working out, clear the clutter, etc, etc., I have abandoned pre-packaged food and 99.9% of fast foods. However, when I find myself in a rush, there is a restaurant in Destin, FL that I have felt okay about eating at. Zoe’s Kitchen. They seem to have all grilled, fresh, healthy foods. Greek salads, pita and hummus, grilled chicken, tuna salad and a coleslaw that is really good. Like, STUPID good. It’s got chopped up cabbage, some green onion a little bit of feta cheese and a light vinegar based “dressing.” It’s so light, you really can’t even taste the dressing.

I’ve been consuming their “Protein Power Plate” which is a grilled chicken breast and onions, sitting on about 2 Cups of their coleslaw. It has everything that is healthy and great for my body and it fits right in with my DAMY Method eating plan.

Think. Again.

I pulled up the nutrition facts online and was VERY disturbed to find out the truth about my beloved protein packed lunch favorite. Here are the stats:

Calories: 510; Calories from fat 260; Total Fat 30; Saturated Fat 8; Trans Fat 0; Cholesterol 115; Sodium 890; Total Carbs 17; Dietary Fiber 6; Sugar 9; Protein 43g. It also costs approximately $9.00 after local sales tax.

I re-made the same dish at home for a fraction of the cost ($2.50) and my dish had about 300 calories, 1/5th the sodium, just as much protein, less cholesterol, less sugar and less carbs. And I might add that the satisfaction of saving money and eating a healthier dish certainly seems to make it all taste super, extra, amazingly delicious. Not to mention the fact that now I have 3 leftover servings of this lunch already prepared and ready to be grabbed out of the fridge on the run this week.

So – let this be a lesson to us all. About 30 minutes of cooking saved me $26 and an additional 840 calories this week.

I will still enjoy the occasional meal from Zoes Kitchen, but I will forever think twice before I buy into something being healthy, just because I’m told it is.

Now go… re-make your favorite restaurant dish! And if there’s one you love and want to know how to make it the healthy way, send it over and I’ll try to re-make it for you!

Stay Sweet –



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