Come Lemonade “Shake-It” with Us!

Stacey-Cakes of Grayton Beach will be making it’s first public event debut as the dessert vendor at this year’s Share the Shelter music extravaganza! We will be selling various treats AND introducing some of our yummy old fashioned lemonades! We will be serving up a couple different types, just like what will grace the menu in the new Grayton Beach shop.

The first lemonade will be an old fashioned “shake-up” style. It’s made with lemons, raw sugar and water. Simple. Old fashioned. And delicious!!!

The second type of lemonade we will be serving up will be slightly more figure friendly as it’s made with agave syrup instead of sugar.

Perhaps the most fun part of the lemonades will be the ice cube choices. We’ll be selling upgrade options to make your lemonade slightly more custom. Think, ice cubes made from fruit purees. The flavor combinations are almost endless. Peach? Mango? Kiwi? Raspberry? Blackberry? Fresh Mint? I’ll take one of everything, please!

Photo courtesy of (

SO, who’s ready to shake it at Share the Shelter with Stacey-Cakes?!

See you there!





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