The Big Move


Yes, the rumors are true. We ARE moving to Grayton Beach. We’ve been getting lots of questions in the HarborWalk store about this move, why, when, etc. We figured it was about time to answer some questions and put all those inquiring minds at ease.

Yes. We are moving to The Shops at Grayton Beach North, unit 6. It’s a white building next to the Seaside Town Council.

No, we do not “dislike” HarborWalk. As a matter of fact, we LOVE HarborWalk Village and will be sad to go. I, Stacey, have personally made some great friends down there and it’s going to be hard for me to leave. They have some amazing vendors at the village and I was honored to be one of them this summer. I will greatly miss my friends in the events department, the kitchen upstairs, the Buccannear pirate ship (and southern star) and Sunglasses World, just to name a few.

So why then ARE we leaving? (I feel like I’ve been answering this for weeks now!) I have always had a dream to be on 30A, and so when the opportunity came up, I took it. It affords me the chance to set my own hours of operation (the shop will be closed Sundays and Mondays during the off season), I will actually be able to bake IN the facility which frees up a lot of my time and let’s face it… it’s not really a bakery unless it SMELLS warm, sweet and inviting when you walk in, is it? That’s something we are unable to do in our current location. But the biggest factor was truly setting my own hours.

Aaaaaand… it looks like this:


Hardwood floors, wood paneled walls. Nothing says “Stacey” more than this space. SO, when the space fits… take it!

The biggest change in store for Stacey-Cakes at the new location will be the focus on healthy treats. And by healthy I mean CLEAN, RAW, Gluten-free, Vegan and delicious! Not everything will be GF or Vegan. We will definitely still serve some of the classic, sugar-laden yummy-ness. But my goal is to provide great treats and food to those who are looking to eat something tasty and have no guilt about it. I think you all will be surprised at just how fantastic foods made healthy can actually be. I know I have been pleasantly surprised, time and time again, as I’ve been experimenting with a healthier class of treats.

We will still offer custom party and wedding treats as well.

I think that answers most of the questions I’ve been receiving. Stay tuned for the finalized menu, pics of the renovation and news on our grand opening date!

Thanks for your support!




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