Get Fed!


I generally am excited about almost all projects I get to work on. But there is that occasional project that I am in LOVE with… and when I was asked by the chef at “The Shed” to put together something for their grand reopening last week, I was pumped! If you’ve never been to The Shed (Uh, you’re totally missing out – get down there!) it’s this really fun BBQ restaurant next to the Emerald Grande in Destin. They expanded their menu this year and are offering even more yummy southern classics. They’ve designed it so that it looks just like it’s name implies – a shed.

Which is exactly where I took my inspiration from. I made a “rusty” shed from sugar paste, added a little sugar paste pig and a BBQ sandwich, of course. The cupcakes pictured are 3 different flavors. There was a banana cupcake with peanut butter frosting and crispy bacon crumbles, a carrot cake cupcake with a vanilla bean mascarpone cheese filling and a cinnamon buttercream. Lastly, a lemon cupcake with a lemon curd filling and lemon buttercream.

Such a fun project and so glad I was asked to do this one!

Have a great Friday!

Stacey K.

P.S. Uh, you’re still here? Go on, get over to The Shed and get some good Destin eats!




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