Gluten-Free and Lemon-y!

If I were to make a cake for myself, it would be this one. This was a Gluten-Free vanilla cake with a hint of lemon. It had a fresh made lemon curd filling and a light and fluffy lemon buttercream. It was decorated to have that “rough” look frosting and some fresh flowers cascading down the side.

I lucked out when I went into Destin floral the other day… they had 3 stems of these gorgeous orchids and she sold them to me for the price of one stem. So beautiful!

I’m a huge fan of homemade lemon (or lime) curd. It’s by far my favorite thing to make. I love just standing over the stove, whisking away until this lovely, tart, fruit filling is ready! I’m growing my own lime tree and have been considering trying to make lime curd out of my limes… I think I’ve finally got enough of the little guys to make a batch!

I hope the birthday lady and her friends enjoyed her gluten-free cake! It makes me feel so great to be able to provide something tasty to people who have a food sensitivity!











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