HarborWalk Village Makes My Heart SKIP A Beat!


Above: The Starbucks balcony where we do craft hour once in awhile!

Well, you asked, and finally – I’m delivering. Here’s the layout of HarborWalk Village and what’s going on down there. Unfortunately my photos uploaded in reverse order. Oops. So please excuse the backwards way this post is written!

I’ve been setting up a temporary booth down at HarborWalk Village on the weekends to test the market down there a bit and see whether we might want to proceed with something more permanent. It’s going really well. I have made some great friends and have really appreciated all the support from the employees and merchants.


This is the main stage where all the magic happens! Our talented friends in the marketing department are always coming up with some creative event to share with the public, mostly free of charge. And this stage is where those events happen. Just since I’ve been there, they’ve had Santa, Ron Adams Vintage Vegas Show, and an interactive media Santa’s Workshop for the kids, just to name a few.


This is a view down the village “street”. On the right are all the shops. There are some really fun places to find unique items. On the left is where most of the restaurants are, and of course, the harbour.


Here’s a shot of my booth a few weekends ago.


Quick view of some boats on the water.


Photo of the Destin bridge at sunset.


More boats and the bridge.


This is a shot I took from inside the restaurant Harry T’s. You won’t find a better place to eat and watch boats come in and out of the harbour.


Lastly, the photo that was suppose to be my opening shot, one of the entrances to the HarborWalk!

Hope that satisfies the inquiring minds and gives you a better idea of what is happening down there.

~Stacey K.


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