The Dark Side

I was recently approached about putting together a cake with the “Monster High” theme for an adorable young lady. Not being an 8 year old myself, I had to do a little research. Monster High… hmmm… think classic monsters meet sexy Barbies… these are their offspring. There were a lot of bright colors, sparkles and frilly little things.

So, I made grey coffin with hot pink fondant lid, lots of edible glitter, a few bows and Wa-Lah… I think what we’re left with is about as pretty and non-morbid as a coffin can be. The best part was getting to see the Birthday girl’s face when we put the doll INSIDE the cake and then put the lid on it. Her mouth was hanging open in awe… it was sweet.

Enjoy the pics. I only wish I had one with the lid on the actual cake… I wasn’t able to capture that… hopefully the client gets a few!

Happy Friday!

~Stacey K.

Coffin Base (the actual Cake)

Lid made from fondant

Fondant Bow

Ancient Mummified Candles




  1. How do you come up with these ideas? Cute How are things going for you? Grandma.

    • Thanks! I’m lucky to have good creative genes, I guess. All those craft projects we used to do when I was a kid… 🙂

      I’m doing well. How are you guys?

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