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Bunco – what does that mean to you? Until a few weeks ago, it meant very little to me, as I was completely unwise to the world of this dice-tossing game. Bunco is sort of like yahtzee, but a little simpler and a lot faster. Apparently it’s quite popular in the Destin area and there are clubs. Who knew.

Last night was the 2nd annual Bunco for Bust hosted by the Destination Cure ladies. Jennifer Jones Holcomb and Jessica Jones have found a great cause (Breast Cancer Research) and are doing everything they can to raise money. They even take it one step further and go to New York to walk a marathon and a half for cancer research. Yes. 26.3 miles one day and 13 miles the next. That’s a lot of walking, folks! In the last two years, they’ve raised over $10,000! Not bad, ladies!!

I had the honor of putting together a few desserts for the party. We had lemon cake truffles (pictured) as well as some Chocolate cupcakes frosted in a vanilla buttercream and topped with a strawberry drizzle. It was a fun project (I’m always up for decorating things in pink sparkles!) but what I enjoyed the most was a fun night of Bunco with a bunch of really sweet ladies in the area. There were about 30-40 people in attendance and it was just a great time. There were lots of laughs, nice food and some awesome raffles prizes!

I look forward to next years event and plan to take as many friends as I can!

Enjoy the photos!





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