The Caramel Apple Chronicles

It is of no surprise to my followers that I’ve been jonesing for Fall. It’s even carried over into the lovely things I’ve been whipping up in the kitchen lately. Apple cider caramels, caramel apples, cinn-a-mini GF/V cookies, caramel apple cupcakes, graham crackers and marshmallows… just to name a few. My shiny new commercial kitchen and even my home kitchen have been over-flowing with the scent of apple-spicy fall. I’m pretty sure I blacked out with excitement when I walked by a bucket full of cinnamon brooms at Publix the other night… cinnamon pinecones and brooms… Mmmmmmm… they just permeate the room with the comforting feeling of the holidays! I only wish my dog wasn’t a curious chewing machine…  it would be nice to sit some cinnamon scented pinecones out on my coffee table. I’m certain she’d make a snack of them the minute I left the room though…

But back to the caramel apples! I found some lovely granny smith apples at Publix the other day and I just KNEW they would make delicious caramel covered treats! The thing I love about caramel apples is that they’re so versatile. They can be clever and creative, sweet and sophisticated and even candy-coated cute!

Have you ever made caramel? One of the things I love about confection making is standing over a boiling pot of sugar. It’s slightly dangerous and I feel a little like a daring mad scientist! Be forewarned, caramel making is not for the slight of heart… in my experiments this week, I did end up with 2nd degree burns on my hands, and once I walked away for 20 second only to come back and find my caramel had gone past 320 degrees to 400 – which only makes it useful for, well… nothing. I was finally able to settle on the perfect caramel recipe and then the real fun began. Decorating them.

I recommend having ALL your decorating elements out before beginning this process. I went with chocolate drizzles on a few, sprinkled with things like pecans and candies! I even dipped a couple COMPLETELY in chocolate before decorating them!

It was a FUN afternoon and I’ll definitely be making these a fall staple in Seaside on Saturdays.

Enjoy a few photos below but be careful… computer equipment and drool don’t work well together.

~Stacey K.

I think caramel apples would make great party favors or how about using one to hold a name card on your fall/holiday table? They can be customized to your color scheme. Pricing starts at $4.00/apple. Email to place your order today!



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