Dear Friends,

It’s an exciting time right now for Stacey-Cakes,  and I have YOU to thank for it. Your continued support and patronage is greatly appreciated! I have some amazing things in store for this fall/winter and I would love to get your feedback on one of them.

How would you feel about a “part-time bakery”? There is the possibility (if the interest is there amongst you locals!) that I could try something like this. 3 days a week I’d be open during set hours for you guys to come in, do a little shopping, pick up breakfast or lunch and even some yummy treats. There would be no space to sit down, everything would be to-go. The daily menu would have some of my baked donuts (a gf/vegan option and a regular one – can you say red velvet donut? YES, Please!), gf/vegan gingerbread pancakes with agave “maple” syrup and some various muffins.We would have a different special offering for each day too, such as… egg sandwiches on homemade toast or english muffins, apple cinnamon pancakes/waffles, fritattas, etc.

As for sweets, I’d have a set menu of a couple kinds of cupcakes and cookies. There would be a special flavor cupcake each day and possibly a fun, seasonal dessert offering too. We’d also have a little shop display with various confections like homemade marshmallows and graham crackers, salted caramels, truffles, cake pops, etc.

The menu will be light-hearted and whimsical. Expect some gourmet twists on classics. We would have a nice selection of gluten-free and vegan items too. It’ll be a place to grab a quick, scrumptious meal to go and/or pick up some treats. The location is right on highway 98 in a small plaza with easy in/out access.

What do you think? Would you patron an establishment like this where everything was take-out only? If so, would you be more likely to stop in during breakfast or lunch hours? What 3 days of the week would you like to see something like this open?

Please leave your responses below or send me a private email to Stacey@StaceyKidder.net. To show my appreciation to you for taking the time to give your opinions, all who respond with sincere thoughts/answers will receive a $5.00 Credit to use online in my Etsy store or in the new “part-time” shop.


Thanks so much!




  1. As much as I love the idea of a great breakfast to go, I think I’d purchase more GF lunch items & probably a GF sweet as a treat for later. Excited about the possibility!

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