Joyeux Anniversaire à vous mon cher ami…

Translation: Happy Birthday to you my friend! Or in this case… to myself. That’s right people, on September 11th, 2011 approximately 11:10am, I will be turning the ripe old age of … (drumroll, please) TWENTY-EIGHT!


A mere 2 years from being the T-word. (Don’t you dare say it.) No, it’s fine. I’m actually pretty excited about the stage of life I’m in and being close to 30 years of age… well, like I said. It’s fine. It’s just a number and really means very little.

For my 27th Birthday last year, I had just moved back to the emerald coast and spent the majority of my birthday alone. I did have a lovely friend take me to lunch at Jim N’ Nicks and then pay to have my car washed by a crew of shirtless military men – what more could a 27 year old ask for anyway? I also had a couple flower deliveries from my loved ones up North. But for the most part, I was alone.

Not. This. Year. My grandmother (whom I’m quite close to) is catching a flight to Orlando and meeting me there for a birthday weekend of magical fun. The line-up includes some of my favorite things… Disney parks, afternoon tea (REAL afternoon tea… just like our friends across the pond enjoy – pinkies up and all!), the Rainforest Cafe, dinner at Emeril’s fine restaurant and I’m pretty sure a drive across town to SWEET, a cupcakery, is on the docket as well. The only thing that would make the whole deal better would be if my Mother could join us… secretly, I keep hoping she’s planning to surprise me and I’ll arrive to the airport to pick-up my Grandmother and Mama will be there too! But I’m not holding my breath… she has a family to look after, which I understand.

But after the birthday fun has died down and I’m left with being another year older…

I’m taking on my own Julie and Julia type adventure. Yes, I realize this might be somewhat clichéd by now since there are probably numerous other individuals who took on similar challenges after the release of that book/movie. But I can’t be talked out of it. I will be starting at the beginning of “The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Pastry Arts – The French Culinary Institute” and baking my way through it. I would LOVE to go to France and attend a legitimate Pastry academy… but for now, this will have to do.

Be on the lookout for my year-long schedule. I hope to figure it out between now and my birthday so when I return, I can dive in!

It’s going to be a delectable year!



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