Ode To My Doughnuts

Just say NO to deep fried dough.

And what you get

it’s like Heaven ~ OH!

Round and cakey from Stacey’s bakery,

Out of the oven,

You were Lightly sugared lovin’!

Rolled in sprinkles – Cinnamon too,

You melted my heart,

into a puddle of goo.

Chocolate coated, with stripes of white,

I would wait for you, all through the night!

You little doughnut – my lovely new friend,

You’re on the menu,

from now ’till the end.


~ By Stacey Kidder

Ha! Okay ~ don’t worry. I won’t quit my day job in pursuit of writing poetry! But if you ate one of these Gluten-Free/Vegan Vanilla Cake Doughnuts on Saturday, then you understand my passionate desire to write odes to them, don’t you. They were spongey in all the right spots, and had the deepest vanilla flavor. I rolled some in cinnamon and sugar, others were dipped in chocolate and decorated with sprinkles.   Mmmm… darn, I just drooled on the keyboard remembering them. But seriously, Doughnuts will be on the menu for Stacey-Cakes Seaside Farmer’s Market booth from now on. And if you’re looking for a great breakfast, they do freeze well and taste just wonderful when re-warmed. They’re available for special order as well. $15 for half a dozen.

Here’s a few more photos, for your drooling pleasure. Viewing! I meant viewing pleasure. 😉







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