A Charming Way With Words…

“NEVER TRUST A CAKE… Don’t forget that cakes are little bastards – not to be trusted!” ~ Duff Goldman, Charm City Cakes

I couldn’t have said it better. Actually, I could never have said this at all. There’s something that makes you smirk when a scruffy, quirky guy with an infectious laugh uses the world bastard in reference to something like sponge cake. But if I were to try and pull it off… well, it just wouldn’t work. Trust me.

So, there I was at Barnes & Noble tonight… with a sky-high stack of cookbooks, reading my little baking heart out. And this preciously worded gem from Duff’s new book jumped off the page at me. Me and my pathetic little fears…

I’ve been avoiding cakes lately. They are small little dudes with impossibly large jobs to do and lots of people to impress and I guess the greatness of all of this has been weighing on me so heavily… and I’ve just been too intimidated to decorate any cakes. Funny how a little lightweight sponge cake can become such a heavy, impassable mountain in the maze of my imagination.

But there it is. In black and white. “Never trust a cake.” There’s something reassuring about knowing I’m not the only one with trust issues in the kitchen. And across the page is another great thought, “…when things go wrong (which they will), just remember ~ it’s only cake.”

It’s nice to know that there are other people out there who have climbed the same mountains I am. To read their words of encouragement and wisdom, well, that’s just a bonus.

Perhaps it’s time to pick up my spatulas, fire up the trusty ol’ Kitchen Aid and get back to baking some cakes… Who wants some cake next week? 🙂

Sweet dreams, my friends!



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