… In the Land of Submarines…

“So we sailed on to the sun, till we found the sea green. And we lived beneath the waves, in our yellow submarine.”

Okay, so I’m no Lennon or McCartney and I can’t carry a tune… but I promise my cupcakes will make you sing! (With Joy, of course!) When you live so close to the beach, it’s inevitable that someone’s going to order some ocean inspired goodies. The birthday boy was interested in SCUBA, spear fishing, surfing and all things ocean related! I made them all by hand from buttercream fondant and chocolate. The cupcakes were Chocolate with Fudge filling and chocolate buttercream frosting. DE-lightful! If I do say so myself.

If you’re interested in your own ocean inspired cupcakes, they’re $4.00 each and make for a great themed party table!!!

“All together, All together… As we live a life of ease, every one of us has all we need.

Sky of Blue,

Sea of Green,

In our yellow submarine!”

Stay Sweet,



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