When Life Hands You Lemons…

…squeeze them in other people’s eyes! Okay, not really. But I read this on a friend’s Facebook page recently and it cracked me up. Seems like there are days when squeezing lemons in the eyes of people who are annoying you, is just the most appealing option. Wow… that sounds mean. Forget I said that…

Okay kids, when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Or lemon cookies. Or lemon truffles. Or lemon meringue.

I just LOVE lemon. At some point this evening I will be experimenting with lemon meringue truffles, and can’t wait! First off, I’m obviously extremely interested in candy work, as of late. How fun is it to add flavors, colors and my own artistic touch to the one thing that is loved and revered by many… chocolate! Chocolate is like a universal kiss. Give someone a piece of chocolate and you’re instant friends. How much more so when that chocolate is LEMON flavored white chocolate?! YUM! So look out, lovely fans… someone, somewhere, will be getting a box of lemon meringue truffles this week on Freebie Friday.

But until then, enjoy my ode to the Lemon on Etsy.



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