“Oh, Say can you see…”


I LOVE the 4th of July. It’s the perfect holiday… not offensive to anyone (well, anyone who likes the good ole’ U.S., anyway!), it’s in the middle of the summer and is full of family, friends and is usually spent on a lake somewhere! Oh, and there is, of course, the beauty of watching Fireworks burst overhead!

This year, as I continue on through my new adventurous life, 900 miles away from my family and all the 4th of July fun… I decided to make it a working 4th, and channeled my energy into 100 mini red-velvet cupcakes. A few dozen even went to someone special… Jerry Jones (Owner of the Cowboys and all around Dallas LEGEND!) and his lovely family! I hope they enjoyed them… actually, I hope they even made it over to Jerry… when I handed them off to Chef Tim, he opened the box to do some taste testing and they seemed to be disappearing rather quickly. So, who knows if our friends from Dallas even got to have the Stacey-cakes experience yesterday. šŸ˜‰ I am positive though that everyone else received their boxes of Stacey’s stars & stripes cakes. And I hope they were truly enjoyed!

If I could be with friends and family on the 4th of July, it was at least lovely to spend it doing something I enjoy – creating scrumptious Stacey-cakes!

Stay sweet,



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