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Ah, this was a though day. I wish I could tell you that in the world of cakes, all was .. well, … sweet! Unfortunately, like all businesses, that are bad days. Today was just one of those and this was just one of those cakes.

Let me preface this story by stating, I have never done a poured ganache cake before. So prior to accepting this order, I lined up some assistance from someone who had done this. Unfortunately, that person had something really important come up last minute THIS MORNING and was unable to assist me. So there I was. Just me and a beautiful, naked and frosting-less caramel cake. I whipped up the ganache and decided just to go for it. This story would be so much better if I could tell you that I poured the ganache all over the cake, and it looked gorgeous and perfect. But I can’t say that. I learned a few things about this process, the hard way. What I was left with was a two layer cake that looked like something Hostess might sell… a couple white squiggley lines on top and Little Debbie would’ve been proud.

From here I did what any baker has to do in the final hours before a delivery… cover up my mistakes! So, that’s what the chopped up chocolate was about. I quickly made some sugar pearls and artfully placed some of the Bride’s wedding flowers here and there. And what I was left with is what you see above. A beautiful and decadent cake!

The night doesn’t end there… Just as I was about to deliver the cake, I was discussing it with the wedding planner and was advised that somewhere along the process of planning this last minute wedding, the Bride mentioned she disliked cakes with FLOWERS! You can only imagine my distress at hearing this… So off came the beautiful pearls and the gorgeous purple flowers.

The end product wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but it’s what I was told to do. As an artist, it’s hard to hand over the reigns on designs and be left with a product that you feel is mediocre in looks. But there is one thing I’m fairly certain of… the caramel cake with espresso buttercream and homemade caramel sauce filling, covered in fudgy-chocolate ganache  ~ it tastes incredible.

So I leave you with the words of a wise friend from today, this is a good thing to remember when you’re having a chocolate-ganache type of bad day. “Be BRAVE and remember that God gave you this beautiful day.” ~ Josue Utrera. Well said, Josue.

Sweet dreams, friends!



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