A Royal Pain…

Well, decided to make my first foray into the world of designer cookies. Which meant learning to make and use royal icing…

First off, when the books say that the humidity may cause a need for more/less of an ingredient, they were speaking directly about working in my condo. Of this, I am certain. I needed several more tablespoons of powdered sugar than what’s advised to get this stuff to a consistency that was thick enough to outline cookies. I kept adding, and adding and adding… until suddenly, it looked like shiny toothpaste. Just like the book said it would! (I LOVE it when a plan comes together!!! … my little A-team shout out! Great movie, by the way…)

First I tried a #3 writing tip. Too wide… the royal pain of an icing just ran right out and all over my cookie! Then I tried a #1 and it was too small! I had to squeeze pretty hard to get anything to come out of that teeny, tiny little tip. I know what you’re thinking… I then tried a #2 tip and said “ah, this tip is JUST right”… and we lived happily every after. WRONG.

I don’t have a #2 tip. *sigh* So, I powered through with the #1. I proceeded to outline several cookies, even did some writing and design elements on the insides of them, thinking the “flood” icing would just nicely flow around the hardened outlines. WRONG, yet again. The icing doesn’t really flow quite like that. (possibly I made the flood icing too thick… ?) So, I had to help it along with a think knife. No biggie. But I did lose most of the cute little things I had written or drawn with the first type of icing. Apparently the name of the game with these cookies is lots of different layers and mega patience.

I’m excited to try some more things with these. From now on I’ll be patient and take it slow. Hard to do when you’re anxious to see a finished product!

Bed is calling my name… g’night, friends!



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