Cake, Creehan and Catamarans…

Okay, so… I have no idea if there were any catamarans at the party… but there were lots of really incredible boats! First off, let me just say, AWESOME opportunity tonight. I’ve been busting at the seams to tell everyone about what I was working on this week, but didn’t want to spread the word until after it was actually over. Loose lips sink ships… (ah, no boating pun intended!) and this was one ship that I wanted to stay afloat! I’m so grateful to Laura Feigy for setting this up, and to the trusting folks at Legendary Marine who were on board with it and let me do my thing! I met some lovely people tonight and I look forward to future interactions with them all!

Next, let’s discuss the coolest part of the night for me… meeting the super talented Tim Creehan! If you’re not familiar with his work, you’ve got to head over to Cuvee Bistro and sample some of his creations. I’ve been wanting to meet him for a while now… I mean, the guy has a great story. He got his first kitchen job at age 13 and then skyrocketed from there! How can you not admire that?! Anyway, I love his cooking and so tonight I got to meet him! Not only that, but Legendary presented him with a Stacey-cake as a thank you for catering the party tonight. It was great getting to chat with him for a few moments and who knows… maybe that’ll be a connection that goes somewhere.

I’m not gonna lie… I had a moment today when I was messing around with the fondant on this cake, and the humidity was so high in my condo today… I had issues. The fondant ripped and I had to come up with some last minute way to cover up the couple of rips that were beyond repair. I wasn’t really happy with the solution (a wide band of fondant around the bottom of the cake) but, that’s okay… it still looked all right! I also tried a product that I will NEVER use again!!! I used a blue edible spray paint on the fondant on the cake base and it never dried… so everytime I bumped it or touched it, I got blue on myself… ugh. You live and learn…

Next up for Stacey-cakes? The Monday giveaway cupcakes and some yummy Mother’s day gifts to send off to my gorgeous mother! Then I’m working on CARVED cakes!!! It’s going to be a big week for Stacey-cakes!!!

I’m so grateful… I feel so blessed tonight! Life sure can take you in some unexpected directions!!!!



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