As Jimmy Buffett said…

“If life gives you limes, make margaritas!”

Or in this case… key lime cupcakes. While a few margaritas would’ve been great, I’m not sure they’re condusive to good baking.

These cupcakes were so good! I heard about a trick for making lime cupcakes taste extra-limey, and it works! Add a little orange juice to the batter and it adds a nice citrus taste. I also tried making my own key lime curd… a love-affair has begun! Although… I’m going to need a tool to help juice the limes because doing them all by hand with nothing but a fork and my fists took a while!!! If you’ve never had lime or lemon curd, you’re missing out. I’m convinced it’s one of life’s great rewards… it’s tart. No, it’s sweet. It’s sweet AND tart, all at the same time. Mmmmm… I can just taste it now. Anyway… pair the tasty lime cupcakes with the fresh made key lime curd and Heaaaaaaaven! Oh, did I also mention the lime buttercream frosting and the lemon white chocolate topper?

Best. Thing. Ever.

Let me know if you’d like to place an order. 🙂

Have a sweet Friday!

Stacey K.


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