My weekly activities and artistries…

So, I’m sipping a mimosa at Another Broken Egg and looking back through all my photos from this week…it looks like I was busy! I don’t remember it feeling busy or hectic… I guess that’s what happens when you’re doing things you love! I started off the week working on two unexpected cakes for Monday. I did a birthday cake for my broker at Prudential, Chip Jervis. I had a hard time trying to decide how to decorate his cake… he’s into biking and boating so I contemplated designs that revolved around those things, but since it was my first time working with gum paste to make decorative elements, I wasn’t sure I wanted to attempt a bike or a boat in just 2 days. So… I opted for a beach theme and went to town creating beachy elements for the cake. Seashells, wooden signs, a margarita, flip flops and an adirondak chair. Overall I was pleased with the outcome for this cake with having such a short notice to complete it. Here it is…

I also did a goodbye cake for a really sweet woman in my office named Jen. I wanted a cake that was happy and bright, not sad… so I went with an Aloha (hello AND goodbye all in one word? Love it!) theme. I made a hibiscus flower from sugar and was really excited with how realistic it looked! Thank goodness for you tube videos to give me some instruction in this craft! This was also a new cake recipe for me… Hummingbird cake? Must be a Southern thing because I have NEVER seen or heard of it in my 26 years in Indiana. It’s got a texture like carrot cake, but is made from pecans, bananas, pineapple and cinnamon. It’s officially my new favorite cake. When I make myself a birthday cake this year (No, it’s not lame to do that!), it’ll definitely be hummingbird! Check it out…

So… that was Monday. Not too bad.

I spent most of the week just playing around in the kitchen with new techniques and ideas… spun sugar and modeling chocolate. Also had an order of chocolate chip cookies to get out (which you read about earlier, here). Modeling chocolate is a divine revelation in the world of cake decorating. It’s very similar to work with as gum paste or fondant, although it does get gooey easily and you have to set it aside for a few minutes. I love the idea that figurines can so easily be made out of it! It can take on a very realistic look, if you want it to. And the biggest draw to it is that it tastes amazing. Gum paste and fondant are not the best things in the world to eat… but chocolate? Uh, no brainer.

I had two cupcake orders and used my new-found love, modeling chocolate, to do the decorations for them both. Here they are…

What a fun, exciting and learning adventure this week was! I made some interesting contacts this week and have a cake coming up for someone really special… Stay tuned next Saturday night for the big reveal!

Have a sweet Sunday!

~Stacey K.


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