Sweet Summer Sunday


One thing about social media is that it allows you to make some generalizations about people… and what I’ve come to discover is two-fold. 1.) People hate Monday. I get it, I really do. The weekends are always too short and so Monday seems like it’s stealing something from us… it sneaks up on us and before we know it, our freedom has ended and we’re back to the daily grind… *Sigh*… I have a feeling that if you went back to the date and location where the word “mundane” was first used… it would’ve been on a Monday, in someone’s place of employment.

2.) They’ve checked “out” already by Friday. Of course, this is a generalization. There are PLENTY of hard-working, over-achievers out there who give Friday all they’ve got. And good for them!!! But the rest of the world is already dreaming of the sweet freedom that Friday brings…

So I was thinking… what if on Friday, they were dreaming of MONDAY???? While the possibilities are slim, there IS a way, I just know it! Stacey-Cakes is starting something new… I like to call it, Sweet Summer Sunday. Sunday’s are the perfect day to get into the Stacey-Cakes kitchen and whip up a little magic to deliver on Monday. So look out, Destin area… YOU just might be the recipient of some wildly wonderful treats!

Here’s how it works… Friday’s are now Freebie Friday. Come check out the Stacey-Cakes blog before Noon (CST) on Friday, comment on the Freebie Friday blog post and you’re entered in the drawing! Stacey-Cakes will hop into the kitchen and whip up some Sweet Summer Sunday goodies and then the magic happens on Monday. If you’re between Pensacola and Panama City, you’re eligible to enter on Freebie Friday to get some Monday Magic delivered to your place of employment! (And yes, we do consider stay-at-home mothers employed!)

So… what do you think? Can Monday’s become magical instead of mundane?  A little sugar, some home-made butter and vanilla extract and I know we’re on our way to taking Monday’s back!

~Stacey K.


First Freebie Friday will be April 22nd. Check back before NOON (CST) to be entered into the contest!



  1. […] into the drawing and to make your Monday a little more magical! ( For official contest rules, see here.) And don’t forget to check back every week to find out what the give-away is for that […]

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