Vintage Barbie

Buttery lemon cookies with sweet & tart icing

Buttery lemon cookies with sweet & tart icing

I am in some made vintage barbie love right now! To all my followers, in preparation for the new shop opening I have started a new blog at Please go subscribe over there as all future postings will come from that page! Thanks so much! 2012 was a great year, I’ve enjoyed your comments and feedback and look forward to serving you in bigger and better ways out on 30a!


Stacey K.


Geaux Tigers!





Making Healthy, Healthy!

  Sometimes, (often times!) it’s far too easy to just take someones word for it. I pride myself on being a well-informed consumer. Which is probably my first mistake. Pride ALWAYS comes before the fall. In my recent quest to simplify my life, get healthy, start working out, clear the clutter, etc, etc., I have […]

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I Believe in Magic…

I’m a giant kid at heart. A kid who will NEVER (Absolutely NEVER) outgrow the magic that is Walt Disney World in Orlando. As a matter of fact, I’m fairly sure my destiny includes working there at some point in time. Maybe, when I’m 80, I can be a cute little cashier at Minnie’s Confectionery […]

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Come Lemonade “Shake-It” with Us!

Stacey-Cakes of Grayton Beach will be making it’s first public event debut as the dessert vendor at this year’s Share the Shelter music extravaganza! We will be selling various treats AND introducing some of our yummy old fashioned lemonades! We will be serving up a couple different types, just like what will grace the menu […]

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The Big Move

Yes, the rumors are true. We ARE moving to Grayton Beach. We’ve been getting lots of questions in the HarborWalk store about this move, why, when, etc. We figured it was about time to answer some questions and put all those inquiring minds at ease. Yes. We are moving to The Shops at Grayton Beach […]

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Get Fed!

I generally am excited about almost all projects I get to work on. But there is that occasional project that I am in LOVE with… and when I was asked by the chef at “The Shed” to put together something for their grand reopening last week, I was pumped! If you’ve never been to The […]

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Spring Breezes Floating Through Stacey-Cakes Kitchen…

It’s true. I’ve been bitten and am TOTALLY smitten with all things Spring! Which will be apparent as you browse the photos in this post. I had some freedom to make what I wanted for a couple orders last week, and so naturally, I went spring. And kinda “Easter” themed as well. I put together […]

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Quinoa Comfort Food…

Cheesy Quinoa Bites with a Greek Yogurt Sauce Still not fully recovered, I’m on the hunt for comfort foods that aren’t going to break the calorie bank. And these Cheesy Quinoa Bites definitely hit the spot! Pinterest strikes again, so I owe this one to the pin board community we’ve all come to know and […]

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The Healing Powers of Homemade Soup…

Well… I prefer to think I’m invincible and never get sick. But unfortunately, there is that occasional bug that gets even the cupcake queen down. *sigh* As I was bedridden today, I took advantage of the situation and watched a day full of my favorite Food Network shows. Ina worked her magic with some fresh […]

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